Travel Tips

Following are the some of the important travel information while you visit Bhutan.

Travel Insurance

We suggest you to have travel insurance policy from your country or you can do in Bhutan with the help from our office before your visit.


Currency such as US Dollar, Pound, Euro, Yen, etc are accepted and can get exchanged at banks in Bhutan. Our guide will help you to reach bank for exchange. Also ATMs are located within all main towns throughout Bhutan, where money can be withdrawn using a Visa, MasterCard and Credit card.


Local product such as traditional handicrafts, textiles, jewelleries, masks, woodcarving, painting, baskets and hand woven national dresses with unique patterns can be found.


You are recommended to bring flat-to-round pin converters for your electronics if necessary, however, most hotels offer multi plug sockets. Bhutan is a carbon neutral destination. Our energy is clean and green generated by hydro power.


Many hotels offer buffet style meals with choice of Continental, Bhutanese and Indian cuisine. However, in we make you to visit local restaurant or home stay to explore local food such as Ema Datshi (Chilli -Cheese).


You are free to capture pictures landscape, people, architecture, etc. However, photograph/filming is not permitted mostly inside dzongs, temples, monasteries and religious institutions. Please check with our guide before taking pictures in such places.

Time Zone

Bhutan Standard Time (BST) is 6 hours ahead of GMT throughout the country.


Southern part of Bhutan is warmer during winter around 15 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius in summer.
Center part of Bhutan such as Paro, Thimphu, Bumthang experience warm weather during summer. However, cool during winter with the temperature below 15 degree Celsius during day time and freezing at night including snowfall.
The northern regions of the country are colder than the more tropical south and it is recommended you pack accordingly especially for trekkers. So we advice to bring appropriate warm clothes and comfortable hiking boots (well broken in) preferably with ankle support and weather-proof to complement the weather and rugged terrain.


Items that are exempted from duty are:
i) One liter of alcohol (spirits or wine)
ii) 200 cigarettes, on payment of import duty of 200%
iii) Instruments, apparatus or appliances for professional use
iv) Photographic equipment, video cameras and other electronic goods for personal use


Dzongkha is Bhutanese National language. However, majority of Bhutanese also speak and understand English.


You are required to dress long pants and long sleeved tops when visiting places such as monasteries, dzongs, religious institutions and government office.  Also as a respect, be kind enough to remove your hats or caps while entering such places.


Tipping in restaurants and hotels are not compulsory, but tipping to guide and driver become the choice of the guest depending upon the services they render during your stay.

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